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I got into stealing steel; Cheddar gets real with how he started making money (WATCH)

I made my first million pounds at the age of 21 and I will tell you exactly what happened. I was living in England and I was sent there to go to college and I was selling fake Versace and YSL shirts in the back of my 205 GTI which I bought for 499 pounds,” he said.

He continued that “my capital when I was going to London was 6000 dollars. My mum, my brothers and everybody gave me 130 pounds which they thought it was big money for me but I was laughing in my head…It was in 1994, I remember very well and I bought a Panasonic chip phone and so I was like the new kid on the block. Then I met Johnny Prescott, he was selling the jeans and the shirts”.

“I just wanted to buy one pair of jeans and one pair of shit but when I saw the prices, 30 and 20 pounds, I offered him 20 pounds and 15 for the shirt and I put it at the back of my boot and I was selling it for 50 and 40. So I started making money from the boot but I fell into the streets because I already understood what business was. At that point, business was me from where I was coming from,” Cheddar disclosed.

Further detailing some of the things he did to make money, Cheddar confessed that he got into stealing steel.

Recounting the story, he continued that ” I deflate my tyre , took the clamp, took the clamp, put it in the car saying that you will come and look for me this time so I took the clamp away. My best friend at that time was called Petersmith and Pertersmith was a blacksmith so I went to Petersmith and I said Peter, guess what I did today, he said what, I said I stole a clamp … so he looked at it, weighed it and said I will give you 65 quid“.

He continued “so that was the beginning of my new business. Now I was getting clamps and selling them. So this is what got me into steel, the guy got so much steel that one day he said ‘I don’t want to sell these things anymore, this is the guy that buys from me, it’s scrap yard’ I went to the guy and he told me., ‘it’s not clamps’ it’s steel, any scrap that is metal I buy“.

According to Cheddar, this led him into scrap business that fetched him a lot of money. Hear more from him in the video below.

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