I returned from abroad to find out my fianceé has a 4-month-old baby for another man – Man Laments


Online dating gone wrong! Man in shock after meeting lady he has been chatting online for the first time

An abroad based Nigerian man has cried out bitterly after he returned to Nigeria to meet his fianceé with a 4-month-old baby.

According to him, a young lady he engaged some years ago broke his heart by having an affair with another man.

He went on to complain that, their marriage have been slated for this coming Christmas although no date has been fix yet but unfortunately when he returned for the preparation, he discovered she has a four months old baby for another man.

Read his story below:

“How many people are still faithful in their relationships or marriages nowadays?

For my many years of experience on this earth, i have never experienced the type that happened to me.

There is this young lady, i met some years ago before i travelled to overseas, we’re engaged, although i used to visit every three years and i do spend 6 months with her before going back.

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The last time i came back home i noticed some strange movement about her, but i kept pretending let it not be like I was suspecting her of cheating.

After i returned abroad, everything was going well, we chat, talk and all that but at a time she started behaving strange which she had never done before.

Even when i drop text messages for her, it took her enough time to reply back, but i thought maybe as a student, she is passing through stress in the school.

Two years ago, both of us had planned and agreed we’re going to fix our wedding date this coming Christmas, but unfortunately when i returned home few months ago i discovered she is living with another man.

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The moment she heard i was back she stopped taking my calls and refused to meet me, i have tried all means to meet her but she refused even her family members don’t know her whereabout for almost one year now.

When i took a deep research, i found out she has a four months old baby for another man, who she is currently living with and that was why she has refused to meet me because she was ashamed of herself.

All the gifts i bought for her, i had to give it away to neighbors. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

What is really happening in our society today? Is money the problem or what? Why are people not longer faithful in their relationship anymore?”

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