I’m a proud ‘hotwife – my husband likes me sleeping with other men


Modern types of relationships are increasing in popularity, with polygamous and open relationships becoming less stigmatised.

And one woman on TikTok is now lifting the lid on her unique romance with her husband – which sees her have sex with other men even though her spouse is faithful to her.

Rae Nemetsky, who posts under @raesintx, calls herself a “hotwife”, and in one video she describes the term as a woman who freely sleeps with men outside of her marriage with the full knowledge, understanding, and consent of her husband.

She said: “The straight definition from Dictionary.com says a hotwife is a married woman who has sex outside of her marriage with the full knowledge and consent of her husband, who himself does not have relationships with other people.

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“It actually says affairs, but it’s not an affair. It’s consensual from the husband, so it’s not an affair.

A man and a woman smiling at the camera. They each have one arm above their head which they are using to make a heart shape. They are both wearing black.

“Urban Dictionary says it’s a woman who is allowed or encouraged by her husband to pursue sexual relationships with other individuals, and that one’s more clearly correct.”

Hotwifing falls under the “swinging umbrella”, and is different to an open relationship because the husband doesn’t have sex with others.

Rae, 22, said in another video that her husband had “asked for over a year” for her to start sleeping with other men, but at first she wasn’t comfortable with the idea.

She explained: “Hotwifing is usually not chosen by the woman, it is by the man. It’s technically the guy’s kink or fantasy.

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“I tried it because I knew it would make him happy, and that makes me happy.”

The mum-of-one and her husband have garnered their fair share of critics over their lifestyle choices, but Rae doesn’t listen to what they have to say.

In one video where she addresses those who claim her husband “can’t give her what she needs”, she fumed: “My husband can give me everything I need, let’s just get that straight. He is the best lay I’ve ever had.

“It doesn’t affect our relationship at all. We can go without it, it’s just a fun thing that we can do.”

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