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‘I’m being ghosted by my ghost lover after going public about our romance’



A woman having a love affair with a ghost reckons she’s being ghosted after she revealed their romance to viewers on ITV’s This Morning.

Brocarde, 38, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, chatted to Allison and Dermot about her beau, Edwardo, and shared details about their relationship.

But now she claims her spiritual lover is giving her the cold shoulder – which she believes is punishment for telling the world about their dalliance.

“I truly feel like I’m being ghosted by a ghost,” she said.

“Edwardo seems furious with me since I’ve gone public with our romance – he’s gone completely cold.

“Usually his presence surrounds me with a warmth but now a cold breeze follows me around the house.”

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“He’s costing me a fortune in heating, even with a fire roaring and the thermostat on full blast it’s like the Antarctic – I’ve had to resort to sleeping in a ski suit and a bobble hat and when he touches me it feels like shards of ice piercing my soul.”

She added there’s an “unsettling vibe” all over the house which she described as “like death.”

Brocarde said: “Maybe I’m just dead to him.”

She claims that her lover became frosty almost immediately after her This Morning appearance.

“I don’t think he approved as the words “I’m Gone” appeared in the steam on the shower door that evening,” she said.

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Brocarde added the ghost seems to have become physically aggressive towards her too.

She said: “I can sense his anger. I’ve felt myself being pushed across the room and he’s pushed me to the floor on one occasion.

“I’ve tried to communicate with him via candlelight but he no longer flickers the flame – it just blows out.”

As Halloween approaches, the singer is determined to win back her spirit lover’s affections.

She said: “Halloween is like Valentine’s Day for spirits so I’m going to write a song and perform it to Edwardo on the evening of Halloween.

“I’m going to light a hundred candles and scatter rose petals, I may even cook him some typical Victorian dishes to win back his heart – maybe some sheep’s trotters or a boiled calf’s head, if I can find that in my local supermarket.

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“If not I’ll have to stick to something more simple like a stew or a soup, although I fear it will pass straight through him.

“Either way, I’ll be sure to get the drinks in – he seems like the kind of ghost who would enjoy a glass of port.”

Brocarde and Edwardo first connected when he revealed himself one evening while she was struggling to sleep due to a thunderstorm.


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