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Involve businessmen in governance – George Oti Bonsu to government


Ghanaian businessman, George Oti Bonsu has appealed to the government to consult prominent Ghanaian entrepreneurs in the crafting of key policies.

George Oti Bonsu, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Eco Furniture Works holds that businessmen have rich experiences and knowledge which when factored into decision making, will inure to the long-term benefit of the country.

Oti Bonsu observed on Net 2 TVs ‘The Attitude’ program that in some cases, policy initiatives by the successive governments seem to be at variance with the reality in the business environment and that engagement with industry players would help shape such policies.

He disclosed that one of his biggest headaches which he believes can be solved through effective collaboration between Ghanaian entrepreneurs and government is the rising number of unemployed graduates.

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He called for a shift from the theory-based educational concept to a more technical one that equips students with practical knowledge.

“Government has not made created job avenues for people who undergo training in carpentry and other things. I keep asking this question, all the students from various schools, where would they go after graduation.

“It is an opinion that businessmen would be involved in the administration of the country. It is very important. When you give money to people after school to set them up, in two or three years, the company will collapse. Government has a lot of work to do to turn around the fortunes of this country,” he said.

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He also appealed to Parliament to pass laws that will safeguard and protect Ghanaian companies. He mentioned that if such measures are not taken immediately, Ghana risks losing out on local content in the furniture industry.

“What is Parliament doing to help Ghanaian entrepreneurs. I’ve not heard them do anything to help Ghanaians before. If the government will focus on developing the furniture industry. If we don’t take care, there will be no Ghanaians in the furniture industry in two years.”

Turning his focus on the attitude of Ghanaian workers, George Oti Bonsu bewailed what he labels to be the lackadaisical attitude of some Ghanaian workers.

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“I worked abroad and for all those years, I never met the owner of my company but over here, when you employ someone to work for you, it’s as if they are doing you a favour. Every other day, there is an excuse. When you establish a business venture in this country then you are bringing sickness upon yourself,” he said.


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