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Is Blackfacehypehouse’s TikTok Account Got Deleted? What Is The Social Outrage On Young Creator, Complete Deatils Explained


One of the most famous yet controversial TikTok accounts was running with a username black face hype house that has been deleted after another huge controversy. Well, this isn’t the first time when the account gathered the attention for creating racist content in its videos. Most lately in the recent video of the account is surfacing over the Internet wherein a college student seems to cover his face with black paint, it was a lip-sync video created by black musicians. Apart from the video, there was much other provocative content in the profile. Get more information regarding the black face hype house.

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As we mentioned above the video is getting viral on many significant social media platforms and getting various kinds of reactions. According to the reports, one of the students featured in the video has been identified by the netizens. A Manchester-based content creator Dillon Miller is featuring the video. In addition to this, the controversial page has fetched more than 600 followers. Ever since the page is posting racist content it is getting extremely criticised all over.

If we talk about the identified student Dillon Miller, as far as we are concerned his profile, Miller is studying at Hopwood Hall College, he is 17 years of age and gathering the attention of the people for his video and several other reasons. Even his account has been reported by many other users. Netizens are even criticizing his college for not taking action against him for such serious and problematic actions of the student. The netizens openly say that the student is provoking other people and promoting racism.

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Although the TikTok page black face hype house had a little following of the video-sharing platform even after that his videos managed to rake a huge amount of views. The video also gets shared on other social media platforms too. As we mentioned above that many users have already reported the account and many internet users have expressed their anger toward the page. Along with Dillon Miller, other users trying to retain the trend was also identified as well. As of now, the account has been deleted by the authority and further investigations have been preceded against the users. We will get back to you with more information on this as soon as it gets assured from other trusted sources. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest worldwide updates.

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