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Is there a solution to unhappy marriages?


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Medical doctor and Clinical Psychologist, Dr Isaac Newman-Arthur, has answered the question of whether there is really a solution to unhappy marriages.

Having this discussion on eTV Ghana, he opined that as to whether or not unhappy marriages can be fixed is dependent on a lot of factors and the main factor is why they are unhappy in the first place.

“Just the fact that they are different genders alone can create problems in marriage because men see things differently and respond to things differently from the way women do. Also, your background, where you grew up, your values, your purpose, even your family, and all the things that have happened to you from childhood can create problems,” he said.

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He noted that some things may be difficult to solve and in instances where the couples are the wrong choice for each other in the sense that they have too many differences, then nothing can be done to solve their unhappy marriage because no matter how hard they try to fix things, there will always be more problems coming up.

According to him, everyone has differences, however, it becomes a problem if they have too many differences. Therefore, if two couples are not the right choices for each other, then no counseling principle will work because the person should have the ability to become what he has to become for you.

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The doctor made an instance that if communication is the problem, then the couples are just not right for each other because communication is one of the things that must come naturally. Hence, if your partner is okay communicating with others and not you, then counseling cannot solve the problem.



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