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Is Zane Timpson Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Him, Are Death Rumours True Or Not, Complete Details Biography & Images


The quite shocking incident is again reported from social media, which made the entire skateboarding community shocked. Yes, you heard right, recently a post has been shared by Zane Timpson’s close friend in which, it is being claimed that he has passed away at a very young age. Because of this, several admirers are paying tribute to him because no one had imagined that he will pass away in such a manner. But hitherto no confirmations have been made from his close ones side, due to which, the case is remaining the hot topic among the people, check the details below to know the exact truth.

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Is Zane Timpson Dead Or Alive? What Happened To Him, Are Death Rumours True Or Not, Complete Details Biography & Images

According to the reports, Zane Timpson’s close friend & fellow Jordan Maxham has shared a post on Instagram where he wrote that ” He woke up crying again today he still, can not grasp the fact that he is away. The Big away without unleashing the exact circumstances which the skater has gone through shared a photo of Zane with the caption that left several admirers in the tears. Everyone is keen to get the comprehensive details behind the case, because if it is just a rumor, so it is quite inappropriate.

Who Is Zane Timpson?

26-years-old, Zane is a quite popular skater and rising star as well and well-known for his stunt videos, which attracts admirers a lot. Through his incredible skill, he got more than 36,000 followers on Instagram, which makes him different than others. Because he gained popularity without associating with any reputed team or alliance, which is quite appropriate. Reportedly he is a member of the Bones Wheel Team, and count as an integral part as well, he was profiled in April 2021, later he moved to San Francisco to continue his dreams to become a popular skater.

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Hitherto, no report has been confirmed officially by any close one of Zane’s family even no reaction has been made by them on Jordan’s actions. Even he has not associated along with major teams, he gained popularity for himself on social networking sites, especially on Instagram. His videos have got thousands of views and appeared him showing mind-boggling stunts captured through different angles. The caption which he posts along with the post, expresses his love towards sports, especially towards skating. But still, no genuine reports have arrived that can claim something, hence we can not claim that he has passed away unless a genuine report comes.

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