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I’ve never borrowed money in life; Freedom Jacob Ceaser on how he makes millions (WATCH)

In an interview with Samuel Leeds, Samuel Leeds, a UK-based Real-Estate coach and YouTuber who is also a millionaire, Freedom Jacob Ceaser disclosed that he borrowed the money from the World Bank in order to get a recognition for his profile.

I have never borrowed money except from the world bank. I just went there to borrow money because I wanted their badge, I wanted if any bank or financial institution check on my track records of developments and things that I have done, at least theWorld Bank has worked with me. That’s all I wanted,” he said.

Detailing how makes money to fund his investments, he said “but from the beginning I’ve always used crowdfunding, I have used the things that I sell a house then I turn it into two, I turned it into four and I risk it for a JV that I do more the I sell, then I turn around the I turn around“.

Nana Kwame Bediako, who is well known as Freedom Jacob Caesar, is an entrepreneur, industrialist, real estate mogul and Philanthropy. He is one of the Ghanaian billionaires who knows how to get people talking about his wealthy lifestyle.

In the video below, FJC whose street nickname is Cheddar recounted his journey into becoming a billionaire. According to him, he started selling fake designer clothes, got into stealing steel and selling scraps in the UK to make good income for himself.

Hear more form him in the video below.

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