Joselyn Dumas Leaves Fans Fascinated With Lovely Photos


With breathtaking photographs of herself in a skintight dress with spaghetti straps and gorgeous accessories to accentuate her appearance, actress Joselyn Dumas has left fans star-struck.

The Perfect Picture actress, who is known for her hourglass body, flaunted her beauty in a skintight garment that firmly hugged her hips.

Joselyn Dumas appeared to be out to unwind after a stressful week, based on the images. She uploaded two visuals in one post however one of them had loud music.

The caption which accompanied her post ”stars shine brightest at night”, shows that she had a wonderful moment during the occasion.

In other news, famous Ghanaian actress, Yvonne Nelson has intimated that she needs no one to save her movie production because she has funded her production from scratch.

According to the actress, even though the movie industry needs a lot of funding in order to finance its projects, she will not wait for investors to invest in the industry before she embarks on her projects.

Speaking in an interview with KMJ on JoyPrime’s Showbiz Now, Yvonne a Nelson stated that she will continue to fund her projects until the industry gets the necessary funding to finance for their projects.

“I am not waiting for anyone to come and save me. I fund my own movies and so far so good. I break even and I make profit. We are happy with the introduction of Netflix, Amazon Prime, and online platforms, it will get better,” she said.

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