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‘Keep Up With The Good Work’

According to this Nigerian man, the president is really doing his work well and this comes at time where Nigerians are lamenting over the hardship in Nigeria as well as ‘harsh’ treatments from the presidency.

The post made by the social media user reads;

“Nigeria will still remains the same. We sopport Mr President. keep on the good work”

The post got some reactions and some of these reactions are;

@sheezzii101 – Shey na Marley help you moll that weed abi you take am from his fridge? If no be him moll am na Colo you take way dey make you shey eyes Bala Bala dey type nonsense

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@Ukeh8 – Which good work exactly?

@realsamzkid – Waiting una dey type nah,, Mr SAPA never reach your side eh, that why you dey type nousenes

@ObioraAdaugo1 – First this tweet won’t even go anywhere, second the weed u smoke is not Naria Marley’s weed, finally you need to check yourself well.

@Petersdanieln – The janjaweed is talking, so we are surprised. But pray make the horror occuring no catch ya p¶pa, we’re, bah hankarï

@DjSkeys – You guys fold hands while Nigerians is in pain na everything funny for una side Abi

@5_0_5_sos – You think say if war start dem go spare you cuz your name sef na muhammad even Ibrahimovic no go fit save you mumu man
Dem dey give hausa bandit money, dem kon dey kill igbos na ogun go kill Mr President

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@janetgu00383435 – It’s no go well with you. Which kind good work president buahari do unfortunately guy

@Ogbeski – You“sopport”Buhari yet you fail to see the negative impact he has had on you. For example, you are poorly educated.This shows in your poorly constructed sentences, yet you “sopport”incompetence.
Nepotism has never favored the northern masses, but yet you“sopport” Buhari

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@Samson27995400 – Thunder fire Ur Papa and Ur mama for using spoon to pack that Ur waisted sparm that da should have allowed to waist mumu

@Wisdom02475974 – E be like say dem use dangote cement block your two eyes and your brain wey never mature

@cocolate30 – That’s why you couldn’t spell SUPPORT correctly, because you don’t know what it means. Who is your weed plug?

@NothingPassGo19 – Stop smoking weed you no gree
Now see how its affecting your brain…
This is the reason why Hausa tribe never devei..
I only braim UK that join human being with cow

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