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Kojo Cue causes stir on Twitter with ‘NPP disappointment’ post


Kojo Cue has expressed disappointment in the ruling NPP government

He says the government’s performance is nothing to write home about

Fans share their reactions

Rapper Kojo Cue has expressed his despondency about the ruling government’s performance since their coming into office.

Describing as ‘disappointing’, their governance over the past years, the rapper said the National Patriotic Party(NPP) has failed Ghanaians with some decisions and policies they’ve implemented since their emergence.

He is even more disturbed that the National Democratic Party (NDC) has not offered a promising alternative but has rather decided to maintain their flagbearer, Mahama.

In view of this, Kojo Cue believes per his projections, that more young people will opt to stay without voting in the next elections if things do not change any time soon.

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“This NPP government has been beyond disappointing. NDC too won’t even do us the favour of lying to us that they have changed their ways by replacing JDM. So now here we are, at a fork in the road. NDC, NPP or No Vote. My money is on the latter for more young people” he tweeted.

Kojo Cue’s tweet however landed him lots of backlash from angry netizens. Whilst some of them admitted the government’s shortcomings, others insisted that the rapper make his suggestions without roping Former President Mahama and his government.

One Kwaku Ananse shared, “The NPP guys are all disappointed and now tryna rope in Mahama so as to make the narrative equal. Bro, make your submission and leave out Mahama. Y’all hated that man to the core and thought Nana is the saviour from the sky. Sorry, you are disappointed”.

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It didn’t end there as another fan referred Kojo Cue to a post from 2020 he shared. While another mentioned “NPP members can’t just keep JDM out of their failed Nana Addo comparisons. You guys no get shame!!!!”

Find the tweets below:

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