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Kurasini Extraordinaire Tracey Boakye Has Discovered Colored Wigs And Looks Terrible Wearing Them – Photos


One thing about Tracey Boakye? She will show up looking her worst. After she was begged severally to look good, this was what she could come up with.

Brown skin women usually rock colored hair well but not Tracey, she decided to go ghost mode and scare all of us with colors she can’t even spell.

She popped up with some green hair only a professional photographer could make look good. Who ever advised her to take that route is the enemy in her circle.

You can obviously tell she will look terrible in person with that green wig and the photographer had to use all the edits in the world to get a half decent picture.

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If she released an unedited version of her in that wig, it will be the most disastrous of pictures and if we saw that in person, the grinch will have stiff competition.

At least she got a decent one to post.

She did not leave us alone, she went red and decided to compete with Father Christmas this year. Another person could pull this off but Tracey Boakye will mess it up.

She had to make sure her makeup artist was on full duty that day if not it will be a disastrous sight. Even the makeup and professional photographer could not do it alone, she had to were glasses bigger than laboratory goggles to hide her face.

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You will think she was forced to do all that. Once again, the photographer saved the day.

It did not end there, she is still poised to scare us and has moved on to blonde wigs. Now its full blown horror mode as she is looking like a walking Guinness bottle. The blonde and her face are fighting harder than she and MzBel.


We are begging that she gives us a little break until she figures out what works for her because another person who is similar to her will pull off all these wigs but Tracey in particular just lacks the ‘je ne sais quoi’.

Whoever convinced her to start being a fashionista has done us a disservice and Tracey can go back to being the “ofos” killer that she is, at least that one was not attractive, but it wasn’t scary.

Source: Ghanacelebrities.com


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