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Kwaku Manu blasts Nkonkosa for alleging that his divorce was centred on infidelity


Kwaku Manu has lambasted Nkonkonsa on social media for publishing false stories about him play videoKwaku Manu has lambasted Nkonkonsa on social media for publishing false stories about him

• Nkonkonsa claims that Kwaku Manu cheated on his wife with several women

• Kwaku Manu has shot down reports that his divorce was due to infidelity on his part

• Kwaku Manu confirmed divorce reports on September 23, 2021

Kumawood actor, Kwaku Manu has lashed out at popular blogger Nkonkonsa for purporting that his failed marriage was due to infidelity on his part.

It can be recalled that although reasons were not stated for Kwaku Manu and his US-based wife’s divorce it was reported on September 23, 2021, that the two have gone their separate ways.

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Following the development, several news websites including Nkonkonsa.com have stated different versions to the story which the actor seems to be displeased with.

In the case of Nkonkonsa, he alleged that Kwaku Manu constantly cheated on his wife, a reason which according to him led to the actor’s divorce.

“Actor Kwaku Manu has shockingly confessed that there have been many occasions he had intimate relationships with other women even though he was legally married,” he stated in a write up while reporting the news on his social media platform.

Nkokonsa’s claims have since subjected the Kumawood actor to numerous backlashes on social media from scores of individuals.

But Kwaku Manu who seems to have had enough of the insults trooping beneath Nkonkonsa’s post, has labelled as false the blogger’s cheating claims.

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Despite admitting that the blogger indeed called to confirm the divorce, the actor denied ever discussing issues that led to it.

“Nkonkonsa with all due respect. You make it obvious when you really hate someone. Listen to what I’m about to tell you. I know you work with Peace FM. I haven’t given you any details about my divorce. When you called me, I said nothing to you. When did I tell you that I cheated on my wife and that every man cheats? Listen carefully. You are married with a child but if you go on like this, you will never prosper in life. If you make up your mind to continue reporting lies, you will suffer. I dare you to bring any audio or proof that I disclosed any detail of my divorce to you,” he stated in a 4-minute long video on his Instagram.

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“I can remember that when the issue of Funny Face and Vanessa happened, you reached out to me and out of respect, I did not decline. You made me a subject of mockery on Akwasi Aboagye’s show. He said all sorts of things about me when he invited Funny Face’s sister to disrespect me in his studio via a phone conversation,” he added.

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