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Leafs fans irate as CN Tower lights up in Canadiens’ colours

TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 13: The CN Tower lit up with the colours of the French Flag in support of France in the face of tragedy.        (Cole Burston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

TORONTO, ON – NOVEMBER 13: The CN Tower lit up red, white and blue. (Cole Burston/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

There’s sportsmanship, and then there’s honouring your 100-year rival as they go farther in the postseason than your city’s team has in decades.

With Montreal in a state of celebration after the Canadiens’ second-round sweep of the Winnipeg Jets, the city of Toronto decided to join in on the fun and light up its most notable landmark in the iconic bleu, blanc et rouge.

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The move was questionable at best considering the Maple Leafs’ first-round defeat at the hands of those Canadiens is still fresh in Toronto fans’ minds. Social media reaction was overwhelmingly negative, with many quick to poke fun at the CN Tower’s decision.

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Not only is naming a squad “Canada’s team” ridiculous since it was guaranteed that one Canadian franchise would be among this year’s final four, but to do it for your archrival is extremely odd.

Given the context that the Canadiens are currently in the stage of the playoffs that the Maple Leafs have not reached since 2002, the only possible reason this was given the green light is that a Habs fan is in charge of the CN Tower’s lights.

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The only thing more embarrassing than your team getting beat by an underdog that barely qualified for the postseason is to have your city turn around and visibly support that team.

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