Learn to Keep Things Private and 90% of Your Problems Will Disappear – Fans Blast Abena Korkor After Sharing Photos of her Deliverance



Abena Korkor has been warned to learn to keep things in her life private and 90% of her problem will disappear.

The bipolar menace has been spotted in a church in an attempt to get her messed up life back on track.

Korkor claims she’s undergoing a ‘spiritual’ deliverance because the battle she’s fighting is more than physical.

As Yawpsarena.com reported earlier today, Korkor shared photos from the deliverance session on her Instagram.

She wrote: “It is a SPIRITUAL WARFARE. Thank you, Great Man. Your support has been truly immense. I appreciate you for with me through it all. We all need a Great Man in our lives,”

abena korkor deliverance

Korkor has been battling bipolar disorder for several years now and every time she has a relapse, things get messy.

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Fans have advised her that rather than think her issue can be solved spiritually, she should just stop putting everything she does online and all will be well.

Very easy advice to follow, but she’ll not because she actually likes the attention her ‘fooling’ brings her!



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