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Lozaty: The best remedy for sore throat and nasal congestion

While a sore throat makes it difficult to swallow food or drink, as well as cause pain and a burning sensation when speaking or swallowing, nasal congestion makes it difficult to breathe, causes sinus headaches, makes it difficult to sleep, and, let’s not forget, snoring in the most absurd, sometimes hilarious way.

Nasal congestion occurs when the tissue lining in the nose gets irritated due to a cold, flu, pollution, chemical exposure, etc. This irritation then sets off a chain reaction of inflammation, swelling, and overproduction of mucus, making it difficult to breathe. The overproduction of mucus often causes post-nasal drip from the sinuses down the back of the throat, leading to a sore throat.

As a matter of fact, sore throats are mostly caused by viral infections, and unfortunately, antibiotics won’t help. But there’s one effective remedy that always works best, and that’s dissolving an effective lozenge like Lozaty in your mouth.

Lozaty is a lozenge that is designed to help relieve the severity of sore throat and nasal congestion, by soothing, and killing bacteria that cause infection. The thing that makes Lozaty unique lies in its ability to offer a 30-second instant action which ensures immediate relief.

The product comes in six distinct flavours, which are peppermint, honey and lemon, orange and ginger with two sugar free flavors; strawberry and propolis

To ensure effective relief from sore throat and nasal congestion, all it takes is to dissolve one lozenge of Lozaty in the mouth slowly every 2-3 hours, or as directed by physicians.

If the symptoms persist for more than two (2) days, then it is time to consult your doctor.

This highly effective product against sore throats and nasal congestion is available for purchase at all Unicom Chemist retail outlets and pharmacies nationwide.

You can contact 0553209248 or visit Lozaty socials on Facebook and Instagram for further information or to make a purchase. You can also connect with Unicom Chemist via their social media handles; Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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