Make fees reasonable and you will make more money – Michael Blackson tackles GRA

The comedian who complained about the cost of importing goods into the nation urged the Ghana Shippers Authority to take action.

Blackson shared a personal story and talked about the outrageous sums of money he had to pay to get some items he had imported from the US to Ghana.

In a new set of Tweets, Michael narrated how he recently spoke to a rep at Ghana Revenue Authority to understand why the fees were so high and could not believe the things they add up to come up with the fees.

He added that the worse part about all of it is what happens if you don’t pay that fee. According to him, Your things get auctioned at a lower price than what they wanted you to pay.

The comedian explained that when prices are high that’s when people start to find shortcuts and that is how scams and ‘Kalabuley’ started.

He added that, although the country needs the money to take care of basic amenities, the outrageous prices make it difficult for them to make more money because people will always find a cheap way of making things done.

Michael added that Ghana seems to be losing a lot of money due to the high customs rate because a lot of people tend to send their cars through Togo just to avoid paying high rates.

According to him, the locals pay the price for these decisions taken by the government because businessmen end up overpricing the goods and services they import into the country and which he believes is unfair.

“The higher the fees the less goods are sent the right way which will cut into the pockets of Ghana,” he said.

He also advised the GRA to Maybe talk to whoever came up with those ridiculous fees and to make a change.

“Maybe it’s time you talk to whoever came up with those ridiculous fees and make a change” he added.

Michael Blackson has over the last week called out the GRA for charging exorbitant duties.

The comedian said the common Ghanaian was unfairly burdened by the expense of bringing items into the nation.

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