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Man in a tears as he finds out the lady he dated for 6 months was pregnant on the day she sent marriage list to his mother


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A Ghanaian man has narrated how he found out that the lady she dated for 6 months was pregnant.

According to the distraught man, he met the lady online 6 months ago via the popular Facebook group ‘Tell it all’.

He indicated that their online normal chats evolved into a relationship and even had plans to marry her.

He revealed that the lady always refuses to appear in a video call since they met and had also refused to visit his mother to deliver a marriage list he had requested on several occasions.

The man further revealed that the lady finally agreed to visit his mother and deliver the marriage list on the condition that she will travel with an uber from Accra to Koforidua.

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The man agreed to the lady’s condition and sent her GH1,417.91 for the cost of her journey.

He added that when the lady arrived at his mother’s house she showed signs of pregnancy.

According to the man, the lady started bleeding 30 minutes after she got to her mother and was rushed to the hospital and was told she had her miscarriage.

The man indicated this revelation hurt him so bad and tagged the lady as ‘heartless’.

Read the man’s full post below:

‘Our relationship has been nice, but she doesn’t want to show up on video call and to guide me when I’m cooking since we met yet am okay. I asked for a marriage list from her family last month, and she sent it five days ago. I asked her to visit my mother and deliver the list to her but she refused.

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Behold, she accepted to go on the condition that she wants to use Uber from Accra to Koforidua which I agreed and sent her 200 euros. Not knowing the lady was six months pregnant with another man, she put on a tight big belt to make the stomach flat and to hide the pregnancy from my parents.

The sad story, she got to Koforidua and started bleeding after 30 minutes she got to my mum. She was rushed to the hospital and told she has a miscarriage or whatever. How could she do that? This is heartless and cheat! Now I do not know what to do either to let her go forever or move on with marriage though my mum said I should quit once she recovers. Her mother too talks to me nicely and do call me often to check up on me,” his post read. ”

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