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Manchester United does not deserve Zinedine Zidane


Manchester United have kept up the Ole Gunnar Solskjaer farce for far too long. For months, people have questioned why the Red Devils have kept a manager with no credentials, no tactical acumen, and no flexibility. It has been astonishing to see how one of the three most powerful clubs in Europe could become so complacent and knock themselves to a level below where they should be. All the while, Real Madrid fans have been thankful that Florentino Perez has never stooped the standards of the club even half as low as Ed Woodward has.

After United’s latest dire performance against Watford, yet another emergency meeting will be called into action. And if Solskjaer hasn’t been fired to this point after his unceasing mediocrity, then why would United suddenly change their mind?

Update: Manchester United did, in fact, change their mind. Solskjaer is out. That means United has had enough, finally, and it may also mean they feel confident in his replacement. Let’s see who that is, but Zinedine Zidane really should focus on his dream of managing France.

Zinedine Zidane is United’s dream target. It’s no secret he is being linked to the job and is the best manager available. After years of slandering Zizou as a manager carried by his players who did not have to coach a team to three straight Champions Leagues – an unprecedented feat, mind you- these same people are now begging for one of the greatest players and managers of all time to save them.

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Although I would like to insult these fans for not believing in Zidane, it’s not a matter of them being undeserving of Zidane. United is a prestigious club with some amazing players, including those, such as Donny van de Beek, who are stuck behind individuals not worthy of a starting spot.

Zinedine Zidane should not trust Manchester United’s leadership

Manchester United is certainly big enough for Zizou, and the fans deserve a great manager. Not Solskjaer. But the club does not deserve Zidane. He felt betrayed and didn’t feel backed by Real Madrid in the 2020-2021 season. Nobody blames him there. Perez should have done more to support such a legendary figure, who did so well to keep Los Blancos competitive despite their massive issues.

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Yet if Zizou did not feel backed properly by Madrid, why would he feel comfortable at United? Sure, the club has backed Solskjaer, but the problem is that this club is simply not run well. Look no further than the ongoing contract saga of Paul Pogba. Or their handling of Solskjaer. How about waffling on signing Jadon Sancho, getting him a year later, and wasting his world-class talents? Van de Beek, too. Eric Bailly stuck behind inferior players at center back.

There are so many issues. Some are managerial, but many of them go straight to the top. There is a reason why United fans are clamoring for the Glazers to leave and Woodward to be fired. (It’s a shock Woodward has not been ousted yet.)

The reality is that those guys aren’t going anywhere. United has become a money-making scheme for these rich, incompetent figureheads. Glory, pride, honor, and all that made United special are now meaningless to these individuals.

They do not deserve Zidane. They do not deserve the most flexible manager of his time, and someone who can turn a great team into serial winners. Zidane is special. It is great to see that United fans recognize that, and United would definitely do well to hire him.

But until the organization shows some form of competence, how can Zidane trust them? Why would he want to work with Woodward, the Glazers, and the rest of the machine? The France national team job has to be a dream of his, and it would be well worth the wait.

There are elements that make the United job attractive, but it is such a risk for Zidane to tie his legacy to bosses who seem to have nothing else on their minds other than money. Zizou has always been about winning, first and foremost, which he can do with France. One day, United will be worthy of such a manager again, but they must fix their leadership issues first. Zidane is here to win, not risk his legacy to be a savior for a club that was never his own.


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