Mbappe makes his intentions clear in interview


Real Madrid tried to sign Kylian Mbappe during the summer transfer window, but it didn’t quite work out for them, as PSG didn’t accept any offers for the Frenchman, even after telling him that they won’t stand in the way as long as the offer is what they want it to be. The club wasn’t professional enough, and as it turns out, Mbappe ended up staying at PSG.

Now,  there are reports, quotes, and a lot of other stuff that make me believe that a deal would be completed and Mbappe would join Real Madrid on a free transfer next season. There are a lot of complications between that and the current stance of the Mbappe transfer situation, and the biggest one out of them is PSG.

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Despite staying at Paris-Saint Germain, Mbappe has chosen to go public in an interview with RMC Sport, talking about what happened in the summer, and how he wanted things to go down between them.

Mbappe confirmed he told PSG that he wanted to leave for Real Madrid

Mbappe, in an interview which will be fully released at 6pm local time, talked about his request to leave the club over the summer. He wanted to leave this season because the Frenchman wanted the club to receive a transfer fee which could’ve been put in use to sign a quality replacement.

Mbappe said that he wouldn’t mind staying for this season, but he preferred to leave last season, which I think makes it clear that Mbappe would probably leave next season.

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The Frenchman also said that he asked the club for a transfer in July, so that it would’ve gotten them enough time to find a replacement and make it happen.

“People said I rejected six or seven offers to extend my contract, that I didn’t want to talk with Leonardo, all lies. They told me that from that point on I had to talk to the president. Personally, I didn’t like the saying ‘he will come in the last week of August because I said I wanted to leave by the end of July. I am in no position to judge, but my stance was clear. I said I wanted to leave and I said it soon enough,” he said.

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He didn’t touch on what he plans to do in the next few months, but I think the interview has said enough. I am certain that Kylian Mbappe will join Real Madrid next season, and that the lies will only drive him farther away from Paris. It now remains to be seen how the club acts on it, and what the full interview looks like, but I think that all signs point towards a transfer to Real Madrid next season.


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