Meek Mill praises Africa as he reveals how kola saved him


Meek Mill | Photo: Instagram

American rapper Meek Mill is set to trace his African heritage after his eyes were opened to the wonder of the continent.

Meek said he now believes in the power of African herbs, after bitter kola helped him cure an ailment he said doctors could not figure out for two years.

Many experts have identified the medicinal power of bitter kola but the personal experience is all the star needed to become its apostle.

Meek Mill, responding to a tweet where a netizen was educating on the benefit of Kola for sexual enhancement, identified that as the ‘drug’ which worked magic on him.

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The netizen went on to educate him on the types of kola nut and it’s essence. Meek’s reply was epic, “I believe you.”

He went on to preach on the need for ‘black people’ to be more enlightened on Africa and move back to their heritage.

Bitter Kola is a plant found in central and western Africa and has long been valued for its medicinal purposes.

An analysis from WebMD said it is used to cure infection, inflammation, diabetes, for sexual stimulation and it is also a good source of nutrients.


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