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Meet Kumasi Nurse Who Lives A Simple Life Despite Her Rich Background

Starting a life expedition requires courage, perseverance, loyalty, as well as a very determined and moving actions, steps for unforeseen circumstances that will lead to the realization of potential and dreams.

Some people are born rich and lead rich lifestyles, spend a lot of money on things, build big houses, drive luxury cars, and more, while others who haven’t had the opportunity to reach their full potential still pray.

Abigail Yaa Amoacohene, a student at Tafo, Kumasi Nursing College and former Kumasi Academy student, comes from a very wealthy home in kuadaso because her father and some of their relatives live in Canada.

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She always wanted others around her to be like her, and she always gave gifts and allowed the children to eat from home, play and play with most of them at home.

After graduating from the Cambridge International School at Suntreso Utara in Bantama Kumasi, she was accepted into SHS Kumasi Girls at Aberepo and graduated with honors. In 2019 he enrolled at Premier Nursing College

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Abigail is a very tall, gentle, sweet and happy woman who aspires to a higher place because she has three cars, namely;

  1. Toyota Tacoma Sports
  2. Toyota Tacoma and Camry

She wears proper clothes, humiliates herself, always smiles and inspires others to try higher, but the one thing she hates is promises and failures, a woman who wears pants, a miniskirt, and abuses people.

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Abigail ate local foods such as “Konkonte, wards and beans, and hated eating pizza and other continental dishes because, as a Ghanaian, she had to hate everything Western until she ignored her own roots.

John Amoacohene is Abigail’s younger brother who attended Opoku Ware SHS in Santiasi, Kumasi and is also humble.

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