Meet the 82-yr-old woman married to her 36-yr-old Egyptian toyboy


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An 82-year-old grandmother who married her 36-year-old Egyptian toyboy has insisted she isn’t being conned as she waits for him to join her in the UK.

Iris Jones made headlines when she appeared on This Morning and left presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield shocked when she gave intimate details about life with Mohamed Ibriham.

Now, on the couple’s first wedding anniversary, she has spoken of the “heartbreak” for them as they have been kept apart while waiting on a UK visa for him.

If Mohamed isn’t granted a visa by the Home Office it would be “the end of the world”, said Iris, from Weston-Super-Mare in north Somerset.

Iris has revealed how the couple have spiced up their sex life

Iris told The Sun that she talks to her Egyptian beau about when they will next meet and they should have a decision from the Home Office in November.

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They last saw each other in December 2020 and talk on the phone or on Facebook every day, she said.

Iris, who has two sons in their 50s, said that she is aware that a lot of people think she is being conned by Mohamed but she denies that he is interested in her money and that he is capable of making his own money as a trained engineer.

She added: “I’ve seen programmes on television about women being scammed for thousands by younger men but I’ve never been this in love before.

“I know people think I’m a daft old biddy and he is taking advantage of me, although not for money – I don’t have any. I am not the sort of woman who can be scammed. And he’s never asked for any money – we split all expenses 50/50.

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“I’m not afraid he will get a visa and then drop me. I trust him with my life.”

Iris, who says her husband is her “pharaoh”, has shared graphic details of the couple’s sex life and admits she loves shocking people.

She opened up on how she met Mohamed thanks to her son Stephen signing her up to Facebook and she joined a group for atheists where the Egyptian was also a member.

Iris said she was impressed from the start with his good looks and intelligence.

While she never imagined at the start that any romance would happen, Iris said how they started falling in love and then in November, 2019, five months after connecting online, she flew to Cairo to meet him.

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Confident that it would all work out, she even packed her wedding dress.

Then while she admitted feeling shy about her body, Mohamed said she was “gorgeous”.

She continued: “But he thinks I’m really gorgeous. I always feel ugly but he says I’m beautiful. We didn’t just have sex, we’d lie in each other’s arms too.”

On that trip though they weren’t able to get married as his divorce papers hadn’t come through and so they had to wait until her third trip to tie the knot in October 2020.

Sex has remained a key part in their relationship as she admitted that their love making was their best ever the morning after their wedding.


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