Meet TikToker Miss Excel, Influencer Making 6 Figures Amount Everyday Check Profession & Age


Hey folks, these days TikTok is remaining the hot topic among the users because day by day such pieces of news are reported from the app, no matter at what connection. Sometimes it is related to a Viral incident and sometimes it leads the awareness, but now “Miss Excel” has become a matter of discussion among those who daily make their appearance on the app. So everyone is keen to make themselves familiarized with her personal stuff because reportedly she is making figures a day, which is a bit shocking for the users, get to know more check the details given below.

Meet TikToker Miss Excel, Influencer Making 6 Figures Amount Everyday Check Profession & Age

According to the sources, Miss Excel is a social media influencer who appears on various social media platforms quite often, especially on Instagram along with 500,000 followers. recently, a few reports are claiming that she makes six figures daily while using the app, and this is the reason she counts in the list of most successful influencers. Hence, everyone is paying attention to knowing her revenue, she remained the subject of discussion from a few months ago, as soon as she caught the heat on the app and enhanced the curiosity of everyone.

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Who is Miss Excel?

Miss Excel is identified as Kat Norton, she is a “Microsoft Excel Influencer” as well and describes as The Verge. She has more than 653,000 followers on the platform and her videos have gained more than 1.3 million likes. So if you did not watch her videos yet so you can visit her social media account where you can stream such videos, even her videos are inspiring enough for those, who are paying attention to gaining deep knowledge in the same field. In her videos, she also shares realistic examples as well, because almost every time she tries to encourage those who want to learn through her.

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It is being reported, that she makes six figures daily because of her passion for the profession and this makes impressing profits as well. While conversing with the Verge, she unleashed that she has estimated her business, she is an inspiration for everyone. So here we have mentioned such details about her, which are enough for those who want to know about her deeply. So as soon as we will get more we will make you acquainted because still, a few statements are being made by her on the topic.


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