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Michael Blackson’s free school opens with first batch of enrolment (VIDEO)

Excited Michael Blackson took to social media pages to share his proud moment and emphasized on his commitment to ensure the school goes on well. “What a great first day of school at the Michael Blackson Academy,” he tweeted.

In another post he added that “Day 2 at Michael Blackson Academy. The girls got their uniform’s yesterday the boys gets theirs today. I want the kids to grow at the school so for the first year I’m starting from kindergarten to GS3 which is 3rd grade. Every year we will move up a grade. 2 teachers per class”.

Being the comedian that he is known to be, he claimed that “for the first day of lunch at my school the kids ate Ghana jollof, tomorrow I’ll have them try Naija jollof but I’ll also have a medical staff on board just in case“.

See more videos from the school’s first enrolment below.

The newly-built school facility was reportedly commissioned on Tuesday, January 3, 2023

The school which is named ‘The Michael Blackson Academy’, is a three-storey complex which has lots of classrooms and other amenities to make teaching and learning smooth and enjoyable.

In early 2020, the 49-year-old actor cut the sod for the construction of the school. Then in December of 2022, he took to Twitter to hint at its readiness and announced the date for the commissioning.

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“After 2 yrs it’s finally done and the kids in my village will get free education, free uniforms and free everything. The only thing they have to pay for is pay attention to their teachers. I couldn’t have done this without my fans, every time you bought a ticket to my show you helped a kid. Thanks to the village of Nsaba Agone where my blood line started, Thanks to my mom for following God’s plan and raising me with the fear of God.

“Thanks to Liberia, Nigeria and America for raising me and Thank God for my homeland of Ghana. This is just the beginning of what I’ve always wanted to do, help unfortunate kids around the world. January 3rd you all invited to the ribbon cutting of Michael Blackson Academy,” Michael Blackson wrote.

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