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Molkki Today’s Episode Written Update 16th November 2021: Sakshi Stand Against Purvi In Elections


In the latest episodes of Molkki, we are watching that Sakshi throws Purvi on stars and she is wincing in pain. Just then Juhi noticed the blood on the stairs, Virender takes Purvi in her arms and shouts to call the ambulance. Police arrested Sakshi and look at Purvi and says that she will make sure you will live your life in pain. Purvi is in OT while Virender is waiting outside along with the kids. Virender asks the doctor if Purvi is fine, she said yes. She further says that she needs to discuss something with you urgently.

Molkki Today's Episode Written Update 16th November 2021: Sakshi Stand Against Purvi In Elections

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Just then Purvi wakes up and Virender goes to her, she asks about the baby. Virender tries to handle the situation, but Purvi keeps on asking about the baby. Virender then informs her that the baby is no more. Purvi gets collapsed and Virender tries to console her. Purvi says that it can’t be true, Virender says we can’t do anything in front of destiny. He further says that he is glad as nothing happened to you. Somehow, Purvi handles herself and says that with Kanhaji’s blessing we will have our own baby. Virender looks on.

Purvi noticed Virender’s silence and feels that he is hiding something from her. A nurse is giving Purvi’s clothes to her and she is about to leave when recalls that he missed his blouse inside and returns to take it. While entering she overhears when a nurse is saying Purvi did not lose her baby but she can’t become the mother in the future. Purvi is taken back and falls down, Nurse rushes to her. Virender also noticed and comes to her with moist eyes. Purvi asks you to hide such a big thing related to me.

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Virender says that he is compelled to hide it from you because of your condition. Virender says that just the happiness of your life and how can I tell you that you can’t conceive in the future. Purvi asks him not to say these words and says she still has Juhi and Manas and they are my kids only. She further says that along with my kids you are also with me. Virender hugs Purvi and consolidates her. On another hand, Sakshi set free as Arjun took entire blame on his head and Sakshi comes out of jail. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest Molkki Written Update.

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