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Most Women Condemning Polygamy Are Dating Married Men Offline’


Ugezu J Ugezu posited that most of women that come online to vehemently condemn polygamy are the same women dating married men offline.

The talented script-interpreter wondered why some people love living fake lives just to please the people they have already displeased with lies as pointed out that there are too many saints online.

A lot of social media users agreed with his assertion and cited Tega’s case as an example claiming those who are condemning her for flirting with a man on TV are also sleeping with married men.

See screenshot below;

See some reactions below;

They date married men but won’t allow single ladies to date their husband when they finally marry lol no be juju be that?


Then they marry and expect their husbands to be faithful, hanty ur future husband’s side chick is still reading 36 states and capital 😂😂😂


One was dating my married friend and calling him baby , she has the picture of the guys son in he’s phone and pressuring my guy to marry him am second wife, 😂 I wonder what happened to all the single guys in her dm lol, when she marry now , she won’t let us rest on social media lol 😂


Exactly. They come here to form assistant Jesus. Even those married ones too that are condemning Tega, meanwhile they sleep with any man in trouser. Keep judging!!!


They are not only dating but sleeping around with people’s husband but they are quick to condemn Tega



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