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Musician in shock as GHAMRO sends her GH153 MOMO as royalties from her music

Sharing the screenshot, she said “after five albums with 2 hit songs ” yebedwire” Bema ena” Ghana Music Rights Organization(GHAMRO) sent me Nhyira Betty Official Music Gj153 Ghana cedis“.

The singer who has been in the music industry for more than 17 years now added that “it was 400 the first time they started sharing but reduce to this Amount 153(hundred and fifty three Ghana cedes)

“These songs of mine are played and performed every where. Pls check my tube channel for the songs talking about.If 17 years in gospel music industry I get this payment share what will the upcoming ones get,” she continued.

Further lamenting, the ‘yebedwire‘ singer has employed GHAMRO to do better as she called on stakeholder to intervene. “Recently went to south Africa last month and I heard how musicians enjoy financially,” she said.

Some errors need to be corrected. Please share for me…pis media men we need vou to come in,” she concluded in the Facebook post below.

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