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‘Musicians From Kumasi Are Not Shy Of Their Identity Anymore’- Strongman


Rapper Strongman has asserted that the Kumerican revolution has ensured that musicians from the Kumasi divide of the Ghana music industry now hold their heads up high.

Strongman also used the opportunity during a radio interview to debunk the assertion that one can only thrive and blossom in Accra as a musician.

He disclosed that he has seen many instances where people from Kumasi have denied on interviews that they are from the region when everyone knows they are. However, he stated that he understands them because, at a point, Kumasi artists were grossly stigmatized.

“They felt that they needed to come to Accra to make it but I don’t think life can only get better in Accra”, he said. He continued, “There was a time that when you even mention that you’re from Kumasi, people laugh at you.”

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To this end, he suggested if the Kumerican boys, through unity and hard work, have been able to push themselves to get to this level, then we need to support them and be happy about where they’ve gotten to.

He admitted that a lot of them (rappers) decided to break the stereotype or marginalization associated with Kumasi artists but they never succeeded which is why he is happy that the Kumerican boys have been able to do it on their behalf.

“Now, when you say you’re from Kumerica, there’s nothing to be shy of because everybody knows and likes the Kumericans and we are all proud to say we come from Kumasi”, Strongman confessed.

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In a nutshell, he said it does not necessarily need to move to Accra to make their life better because like the elders say, the cashew nut tastes the same no matter where you chew it.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com


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