‘My mother-in-law told my husband I don’t love him and he should be polyamorous’


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A woman has become concerned that her overbearing mother-in-law might be trying to sabotage her relationship as she told her husband that he should be polyamorous – and that no one would love him like his mother.

Taking to Reddit, the woman said that her husband’s mother treats him like a child, and recently has started to say some incredibly worrying things.

She told her son that no one would ever love him as much as she did, which the wife took as a subtle hint that she didn’t love him enough.

Also, before the pair were married, the older woman said to her son that he shouldn’t tie the knot as ‘people aren’t meant to be monogamous.

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Taking to Reddit, the wife said: “She said something that really bothered me, ‘no one can love you as much as your mum’. So, is she saying I can’t possibly love him enough, who says that?

“She’s also said many other things that I think just cross the line and are things I would never say to my kids. Like, ‘you shouldn’t be getting married, people aren’t meant to be monogamous’ which may be factual, but we are intelligent beings that can pick what kind of lifestyle suits us best, like being monogamous and he is very monogamous.

“She also rolled her eyes at the thought that my husband helps with my kids because I have to work for a living and contribute financially to our household.

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“She also simultaneously was warning him that I might just be using him for his money… I make almost twice as much as he does while working less.”

The wife shared her story online to seek the opinion of others and soon she was inundated with comments from other Reddit users, all telling her that the mother-in-law’s behaviour was very strange.

One wrote: “Does your significant other have your back? He needs to tell her to knock it off.”

While another added: “She is in the wrong here, and you have every right to find that uncomfortable. Your significant other needs to make himself aware of this, if he has not already done so.

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“I think she likely feels insecure, in a way she is losing him. Sad that she has hooked her own identity to the parent-child relationship.

“Children are meant to grow up and move on. No less love, but lives of their own. She is having trouble with this concept. Please take a firm stance on this, as you don’t want this behaviour to get worse.”

And a third wrote: “My mum was the same way with my brother, and it drove his wife insane. They only baby them because if they didn’t know how to do anything, they can control their sons forever.”


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