‘My partner puts £15 in a jar when we have sex to spend on my Christmas present’


When it comes to Christmas shopping, everyone has their own tricks and methods for saving up the pennies for the special occasion – from cutting back on coffees and lunches out to purchasing items early in the sales.

But one couple has come up with a rather different way to ensure their partner gets the perfect present -and it’s fair to say their method has completely divided Reddit users.

As first reported by The Daily Star, a couple has shared how they put money into a jar every time they have sex.

One partner puts $20 (around £15) into the pot when they’re done and whatever is in there come Christmas time, will be spent on the other’s gift.

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A snap of the jar was shared online, showing off a handwritten message stuck to the front.

A jar full of money with a note about sex on the side

It reads: “Every time we f**k I owe you $20.

“So your Christmas gift depends on you LOL.”

The photo was shared on the r/Trashy forum, where people couldn’t help but compare the situation to prostitution.

One person replied: “That sounds like prostitution but with extra steps.”

Another said: “Paying your girlfriend to f**k you definitely isn’t a sign of a healthy relationship, lol.”

Someone else wrote: “Sad cringe.”

However, not everyone was bothered by it or saw an issue and there were some who thought they might quite like to try something similar ahead of the holidays in their own relationship.

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A different user proclaimed: “What two consenting adults do in the comfort of their own homes…”

While someone else added: “I could picture plenty of relationships finding this really funny and trying it.”

“Sounds like a fantastic deal for both parties!! I wish my husband would make that proposal to me..” admitted a third.


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