My Stepmother whipped me for doing music — Abiana

“I quite remember when I was young and trying to pursue my career in music, my stepmother was against my dream… When I hear the piano then I would start jumping… Anytime I wanted to go for rehearsal she would say they shouldn’t allow me to go then she would give me severe beatings because I had probably not done my house chores,” she narrated

“She would punish me but would still find my way to go and sing …. I love singing, so right after SHS, I started to pursue my career … so that was where I started the reality shows and I have never given up” She added

Abiana’s journey dates a decade and over, having tried to get into several music reality TV shows. In 2013, she joined the Afro Harmony Band as a backing vocalist and later in 2014, the Hy Skuul band as a lead singer before launching her music career as a solo artist in 2020.

She explained that even though she was better than some of the seniors she was playing with, ”because when you join the band you see some of the artists’ flaws. Those flaws are lessons for you. Staying humbled helped me a lot”.

Abiana was named the Best Vocal Performer at the 2021 edition of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. Apart from her ‘Alemle Lala’ album she also has songs like ‘Adunlei’, ‘Bo Nɔŋŋ Ni’, Shika’ among others.

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