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Netizen Reveals How His Friend Refused To Listen To His Advice And Married A Prostitute

“Love goes where love is” has become a popularized adage everyone is familiar with. In any case, love has been tagged to be one of the few things that is held the fronts of the global civilization.

When the right person is found, love becomes special in all situations. After all, who doesn’t like to be around the one person who is willing to think about him or her 24/7?

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A social media user has penned down an emotional note about how his friend refused to listen to his advice about not marrying a self-acclaimed prostitute. He made this known in a lengthy Facebook post that sought to encourage followers to be interested in following what their hearts say.

His post read;

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***44 years ago , I tried to talk a friend of mine out of marrying a beautiful prostitute that all of his friends including me had poi . We named her ‘Muammar al-Gaddafi’ for strength and style . That babe sabi wella .

We chatted today and they are celebrating 44 years anniversary with 4 grown up kids and grand children . Look at me discouraging him not celebrating any marriage anniversary and no one to poi

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Bottom line do what your guts tells you to do . Do not listen to friends or relatives to decide for you . You are the one going to live with him or her not them.

Hello men , will you marry a prostitute all your friends had poi ?***

Do you think he has a point here?

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