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Netizens React To Reports Of NITDA Still Accessing Twitter After The Nigerian Government Ban

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Recall there were earlier reports of how the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), a Nigerian government that develops and regulates information technology in the country has been hiding behind these VPNs and has been accessing the site despite the ban.

Research conducted by the Digital Africa Research Lad reveals NITDA not only did use VPNs to access Twitter but also used the official agency site to like a post about ‘Igbo Muslims’ which is not related to IT in any way.

Check out the reactions from some social media users as they share their thoughts about the research and the actions of NITDA.

Zion [email protected]·Replying to @DigiAfricaLab and @NITDANigeriaThe legacy of Patanmi lives on in his former agency until completely purged. Why will a govt institution defy its authority’s ban to show solidarity with a religious tweet. Why not on Koo.

È y i t a y ò@eyiteeonline·Replying to @DigiAfricaLab@celestocalculus and @NITDANigeriaApart from accessing Twitter via VPN, the agency liked a tweet that has nothing to do with IT but religion. This speaks so much about the position and interest of this government.

Ìmọ̀rà[email protected]_O·Replying to @DigiAfricaLab and @NITDANigeriaVAR: VPN usage prevalent among FGN bodies and parastatals despite government ban on Twitter. According to the renowned IT VAR outfit, @DigiAfricaLab, many government establishments and operatives have been accessing Twitter with VPN since the Nigerian govt banned Twitter

Ali Toyin [email protected]·Replying to @DigiAfricaLab and @NITDANigeriaI have always known the infamous Twitter ban by this tyrannical government would later turn a shot in their legs. You can’t just wake up one day and impose a policy without properly examining its perennial consequences, especially on the masses. Well, I’ll never be disappointed.

Raymond Nnamdi [email protected]·It goes to show the mentality & agenda of most govt parastatal under this administration. Why should a govt agency access Twitter with VPN for no cogent reason than to like a random post about igbo Muslims? I tot Nigeria is a SECULAR state?

Your favorite [email protected]·Replying to @DigiAfricaLab and @NITDANigeriaWhy is NITDA a government agency even liking a religious post? These quota system appointees have bastardized the civil service so much

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SOURCE: GhGossip.com

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