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Okraku-Mantey’s office massively downplayed, disrespected by Ghanaians – Nana Yaw Wiredu


Deputy Creative Arts minister, Mark Okraku-Mantey play videoDeputy Creative Arts minister, Mark Okraku-Mantey

• Okraku Mantey must be regarded as a Minister, Yaw Wiredu to showbiz industry

• Mr. Okraku Mantey is among the list of disrespected ministers in Ghana, Yaw Wiredu claims

• Okraku Mantey is often misquoted by blogs and mistreated, Yaw Wiredu states

Popular entertainment pundit cum Marketer, Nana Yaw Wiredu has bemoaned the manner in which the Deputy creative arts minister, Mark Okraku Mantey is being disrespected in the showbiz industry.

Yaw Wiredu asserts that because Mr. Okraku Mantey rose through the ranks of being a ‘mere’ radio programmes head into acquiring a ministerial position, his then associates, friends and the industry at large do not accord him the necessary respect.

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He said out of familiarity, most showbiz individuals try to throw dirt on his name and discredit his office at the least chance they get.

Yaw Wiredu’s comments are borne out of an earlier development where Mr. Okraku Mantey was lambasted on social media for stating that persons who have not been vaccinated would not be allowed entry to social gatherings this Christmas.

“Vaccination cards will be required to enter, you must show that you have been vaccinated to be able to enter. Age five and above would require a mask. Masks would be removed for special activities like eating and drinking,” he earlier stated in a discussion with Hitz fm’s Andy Dosty.

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But analysing the numerous insults and criticisms Mr. Okraku Mantey has received from Ghanaians after making such statements, Yaw Wiredu has this to say during a discussion on Bloggers Forum;

“It saddens my heart that Okraku-Mantey, who is one of our own has become a deputy minister and it looks like because he was part of our system, we tend to downplay the level of respect that should be given to his office. People will just get up and refer to Mark like he is their co-equal, a blogger can just say Mark was just a programmes head at HitzFM.”

“When things go wrong, they won’t go for the full tape, listen to all his statements before passing judgements. He is a Deputy Minister for crying out loud. If he is going to be quoted, he has to be quoted properly. There is no respect for him. There are other politicians who say worse stuff but are spared but because of familiarity, everyone just gets up and disrespects Mark,” he added.

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