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One Ingredient Capable Of Causing Health Damage That People Often Add In Fried Rice


Would you rather have a quick tasty meal that harms your health in the long run or one that follows a normal sequence but blesses your health with nutrients? Most people would choose the latter ahead of the former but when the time comes they embrace the former instead of the latter. Our feeding habit of late says it all. People would embrace quick fix approaches that makes food taste better or look delicious at the detriment of their health. A typical example is seen in the preparation of fried rice.

Nigerian Fried Rice...Double Fried! - Sisi JemimahSource: Cookpad.com

It is a popular Nigerian dish seen in virtually all modernized restaurants. It is known for it’s green colour, in other words, fried rice is not complete if the colour remains anything outside of green. This has made people device a quick means of getting this colouration by adding some artificial substances known as colour.

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These colours are made of chemicals whose content we don’t even know but all we know is, they colour our food giving it our desired look. The accumulation of these chemicals in the blood stream gives rise to what is known as free radicals and when free radicals in the body are excessive, oxidative stress takes place. Most terminal and degenerative diseases suffered today including liver failure, some kidney diseases, heart diseases, atherosclerosis even cancer results from this same oxidative stress.

Thus, instead of going for chemical substances we tag colours, why can’t we find a natural means to achieve this colouration while still leaving our health untampered. Curry is a good and natural color, turmeric as well colours most perfectly yet provides multiple health benefits. These are options you can make instead of going for a quick fix that ends up destroying your health. The implications of these toxic substances we go for usually take time to manifest and they are usually not noticed till it’s too late. This is why it is necessary to make hay while the sun shines.

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