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Palangtod Caretaker 2 (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Cast Actress Name Age Watch Online


Hey entertainment lovers, your favorite quite sensational web show of Ullu called Palangtod Caretaker 2 (Part-1) I, is ready to make you surprised because the story is bringing quite astonishing characters that will make you feel over the top for sure. So just gear up yourself because only a few moments are left in broadcasting. The entire attention has been grabbed by the star cast especially the actress whose wiki-bio is remaining the hot topic. So below you can check all crucial details such as the release date, star cast, story plot, etc.

Palangtod Caretaker 2 (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Cast Actress Name Age Watch Online

The makers are releasing Caretaker 2 (Part-1) I PalangTod on 29th October 2021 officially, ever since, they made an announcement the curiosity of the streamers is hitting the bricks because everyone would like to watch something amazing, and just in a while, makers are bringing it among them. Only a few hours have passed by sharing the exclusive promo, and it got a high view which is indicating the popularity of the series. Everyone is eagerly waiting for watching it because the story is containing an overwhelming story plot, and all those faces who are featured in the web series also have a massive fan following hence their, fans waiting to watch them.

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Palangtod Caretaker 2 (Part-1) Ullu Web Series Review

When it comes to the story plot, so it begins where the lead actor gets an accident with a car, and as soon as the car owner brings him to the hospital, a doctor prescribes that he needs to take some rest because his body is not responding in short, he got paralyzed. Hence, she brings him to her residence and hires a caretaker as well. As soon as she enters her house for taking care of him her desire gets heat again, and she tries to fill her desires by him during the treatment.

In the web series actress Promita Dey is playing the role of the lead character, and everyone is acquainted with her, because previously she has appeared in several web shows of ULLU. Now again she is ready to set the fire through her boldness in the story, and ever since her admirers familiar with the series, their curiosity is hitting the bricks. If you want to watch the series first, you need to purchase a subscription that will give you access to the app. So we have shared all crucial details here that will help you to watch it at the correct schedule.

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