Pastors Beat Church Members With Belts On The Altar To Test If They Are Prepared For Ministry

Pastors beat church members with belts on the altar to test if they are prepared for ministry

An emerging video of two pastors flogging their church members on the altar has sparked mixed reactions on social media.

In the Instagram video shared by, the male and female church members lay barefaced in suits.

The choir members give a slow rendition while the pastors land the belts on the backsides of each of the church members on the altar.

The obedient chʋrch members didn’t so much as make a sound as they received the whips.

It was gathered that the pastors said they are flogging the church members to test their readiness for ministry work.

Netizens have slammed the pastors for what many described as an abuse of the religion, others knocked the chʋrch members for accepting to be whipped.

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Well, Watch the video below :


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