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Perfume brand what you want Co rebrands to Maison Yusif

The rebrand further falls in line with Maison Yusif’s efforts to enhance its presence across the globe as well as position itself on the international market as a premium world-class brand from Africa.

Yusif Meizongo Jnr, CEO of Maison Yusif further reiterated the need for the name change and what’s ahead for the brand.

I dream to create a full fragrance industry where we will employ over a thousand youth especially those with a background in chemistry to create jobs and also train young individuals with interest in perfumery,” he said.

Currently, Maison Yusif operates branches in Accra and Kumasi, with 9 working staff as a team.

The brand within a space of Five(5) years has professionally chalked remarkable successes worth mentioning, not forgetting the many challenging times that have accompanied his growth.

The young perfumer, together with his nine (9) member team, through their creative lenses, has created over 200 top-notch fragrances both in pure oils and alcohol-based perfumes, with a chunk still in the works.

These breathtaking fragrances include Love & lust, Deeper Than Words, What A Time To Be Alive, Take Me To Paris and Another Face Of Oud, as well as Scent Of A Queen, The Vatican, I’m Yours & You’re Mine, Eau De Strong, Bad Influence, More Than A Perfume, and also, Not A Perfume.

The inspiration behind Maison Yusif fragrance is a discovery and love affair of scents through flowers, trees, plants, and fruits, that Maison Yusif captured, fell in love with, and wanted to share with the entire universe.

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