Photos: Kind Black Sherif pays medical bills for some nursing mothers at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital

Young but celebrated Ghanaian singer, Black Sherif, has warmed hearts with his kind gestures towards some nursing mothers at the Greater Accra Regional Hospital.

Just a few hours ago, the rapper and his team visited the Greater Accra Regional Hospital to give back to society in their own small way.

The ‘Kwaku Killer’ hitmaker has brought relief to over 30 nursing mothers who were detained in the hospital because of the bills they owed the health center.

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According to a report by some of the health officials who received Black Sherif and his team, some of these financially struggling nursing mothers have stayed in the health center for over 4 months because they can’t foot their bills and their husbands are also nowhere to be found.

In a set of pictures that have gone rife on social media, Black Sherif can be seen with the nursing mothers he blessed together with their babies.

Ghanaians who have come across this benevolence from Black Sherif are thanking him and also asking for God’s immense blessings on him.

Take a look at the picture below to know more…

Black Sherif needs to be commended for what he has done because, despite his young age, he thinks about the less successful and is always willing to extend a helping hand.

Meanwhile, a lot of grown-up celebrities hardly give back to society or engage in philanthropy activities.

He started well as a young artiste and we hope he continues on this right path he has chosen.

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