Photos of 75 year old woman climbing electricity pole to reconnect her community power garners massive reactions


Hilarious viral photos shared by a Facebook user named Fatiha Balogun shows a 75 years old woman climbing an electricity pole have stunned social media users.

According to the facebook post, the old woman climbed the pole to reconnect her community power supply after it was disconnected.

The old woman appeared to be professional Electricity personnel considering how she was able to reconnect the light and came down alive from the pole without a scratch.

See the post and photos below:

“I still don’t understand how this 75-year-old woman from Delta state successfully climb NEPA pole, reconnect her community power supply after the Power Holding Company’s disconnection. She came down alive without a scratch. She connected it from the High Tension to avoid future Power failure.

NEPA dey learn work for where this woman dey!!”

See the photos below:

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These things do happen and such things mostly garner massive reactions and social media users and the media makes such weird happenings a topic for discussion.

From what have gathered, the incident happened in Nigeria when their power was mistakenly disconnected.

The community folks were left wondering who could reconnect the light for them after attempts to contact the Electricity supply company proved futile.

The aged woman stunned the community when she volunteered to reconnect the power after it was mistakenly disconnected.

Social media users particularly Nigerians have hailed the 75-year-old woman for exhibiting such a ‘skill’ considering her age.

Some also claimed that the town folks shouldn’t have allowed the woman to climb the Electricity as it is very dangerous for her health.

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