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R.Kelly Found Guilty Of All Charges; Faces Over 10 Years imprisonment


Credible news sources reported this afternoon that Kelly faces between 10 years and life in prison.  A jury of seven men and five women found the disgraced crooner guilty of racketeering and eight violations of sex trafficking charges in a Brooklyn federal courtroom today.

Sometime back R-Kelly was exonerated and his case dismissed over a decade ago for child pornography. Since over a decade after his acquittal, R-kelly has been charged again and this time he isn’t so lucky.

R KELLY pleads guilty to child trafficking, bribery, sexual assault charges, and he’s destined to face life behind bars once all investigations come to a close soon.

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In a trial that began on August 8th, the 54yr old legendary musician is proven guilty of child trafficking n sexual abuse charges when a witness who happens to be his former tours manager stepped up to testify against him in court!

The tours manager” Smith” says R KELLY his boss by then ordered him to get him a forged certificate with raised age documents indicating that” Aaliyah” was 18yrs old enough for him to marry her not her actually 17, he bribed a judge by then to produce a marriage certificate for them and later locked her in his apartment for several months as he sexually exploited her! The tours manager insists he did that to multiple girls multiple times


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