Real Madrid fans have to admire Eden Hazard’s resilience


As football fans generally, nothing makes us happier than seeing one of our own players doing well. There is an extra sense of happiness when we witness a player fighting for minutes and staying patient as he awaits his time to shine. The most recent time we saw this at Real Madrid was with Luka Jovic as he finally went full circle. After struggling for game time, he finally got his opportunity and made the most out of it. Now, we all wait for a similar outcome from Eden Hazard.

Ever since he signed for Real Madrid, Hazard has never really made an impact. The Belgian has struggled with injuries since he moved to Spain and never really got going on the pitch no matter how many opportunities he got. Whenever we finally saw some glimpses of him getting somewhere close to his former self, he was quickly back on the injury list and we found ourselves waiting for months before seeing it all play out again and again.

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For many other players, throwing in the towel and trying to start a new page in a new club would have been a very real option at the moment, but that’s not the case for Hazard.

Hazard has kept his head up even though he has struggled a lot at Real Madrid

Even with Hazard’s lack of minutes and the fact that until now, he has not done anything of note at the club, he’s still generally loved and respected. His character is one that many people can relate to and has a smile that forces you to feel warm and fuzzy inside. Obviously, there is frustration towards him from a majority of the fans when it comes to his performances, but many of those same people want nothing more than to see him turn his luck around and succeed.

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He still has his reoccurring injury issues but the bigger problem is that he’s no longer the preferred player on the left flank.

Eden Hazard (Photo by Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno/Getty Images)

Vinicius Junior has been in impeccable form this season and no one can blame Carlo Ancelotti for choosing him over Hazard. There is no denying that he is currently a better player than the Belgian but in the rare instances that the manager decides to substitute him off, it’s not always Hazard who is picked to take his place. In the match against Atletico Madrid, it was Rodrygo.

Simply put, nothing seems to be going right for Eden Hazard but that has not stopped him from supporting the team very clearly on the bench while working as much as he can to take full advantage of the next opportunity that comes his way, which will surely happen at some point.

Your abilities alone will not be enough for you to succeed at Real Madrid, resilience is a must and that has always been the case. We have seen it in the past with great players such as Karim Benzema and, even more recently with Vinicius Junior.

Hazard has always been positive and consistently made it clear that he does not want to leave the club without having made a difference and even though it gets more difficult with each injury and each passing day, the Belgian has what it takes to be an important player in the team and time will show that.

He has continued to be patient and ready to play his part whenever Ancelotti decides to use him. Real Madrid fans have found themselves losing patience and rightly so but if Hazard is able to turn his fortunes around and prove that he can be an asset to the team, then Madridistas will surely have his back. Until then though, he needs to continue taking care of his body and be 100% prepared to take advantage of every single minute offered to him.

We may never get the version of Eden Hazard that we signed from Chelsea but that doesn’t mean we didn’t get a very good player who can be a genuine difference-maker in the squad.


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