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Real Madrid have finally submitted a bid to PSG for Kylian Mbappe


It has been years since the Kylian Mbappe transfer saga has began. In the last few weeks, Real Madrid fans have received even more hope that their dream target may finally make his way to the Santiago Bernabeu, which will, as it happens, have fans once again for the upcoming home fixture against Celta Vigo.

And it sounds more and more like Mbappe will be there. The hopes from Madridistas after Lionel Messi’s shock move from rivals Barcelona to PSG were not false ones. Messi’s move has seemed to accelerate Mbappe’s departure from Paris, which is now entirely possible.

After two years of hesitancy so as to not anger the literal country that owns PSG and has Mbappe under contract, Real Madrid have finally, reportedly, submitted a transfer offer to the Ligue 1 giants for the most valuable player in the world in terms of market value.

According to Fabrizio Romano (and since confirmed by other outlets), who has been very measured in his reporting throughout this saga, Real Madrid have sent PSG an offer worth 160 million euros for Kylian Mbappe, noting that a portion of that money would go back to AS Monaco due to their sell-on clause when they sold the French superstar to their league rivals.

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160 million euros is a lot of money, but Kylian Mbappe is worth every cent to Real Madrid

160 million euros is a LOT of money, even for Mbappe, especially when considering Real Madrid could get him for free. But for two summers, they have pinched every penny to get Mbappe at any cost and believe they can accomplish anything with this superstar. They want to prove to any player that they are willing to pay whatever price to get them if that player wants to come and has the talent to change the organization. Mbappe is that superstar, both on and off the pitch.

Romano says that PSG has not given the “green light” for Mbappe’s sale, and therein lies the most important part of all of this. The club has maintained that they will not sell Mbappe this summer, and the player’s future is in their hands. He is a Parisian and has been very kind during this cycle, though he has made it one thousand percent clear that he wants to leave Real Madrid NOW. Mbappe has rebuffed contract offer after contract offer and is seemingly willing to take much less money (though, in the long run, he would probably make more off endorsements and future earnings) to play for his dream club.

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For now, PSG, per Gianluca Di Marzio, are saying “no”. They want to keep Mbappe, regardless of what he wants. But they may have to change their position before the deadline ends. So do not give up yet, because Real Madrid will keep trying, even if it remains difficult. There is also some doubt as to whether or not PSG have outright rejected the offer yet.

I already wrote about the precedent of superstars getting these kinds of moves with one year left in their contract and the poor message PSG would be sending to top players if they do not acquiesce to Mbappe’s request.

Therefore, there is a legitimate chance Real Madrid get their man, and the confidence of reporters like Jose Felix Diaz and Josep Pedrerol is richly rewarded. Meanwhile, outlets in France are still more mixed, though some Madridistas wonder how many of them are towing the hardline company stance that PSG would like to relay.

It is obvious that PSG have been waiting until the last possible moment to sell Mbappe, in the hopes they could convince him to stay with Messi or with money. But Mbappe is his own man and wants the challenge of leading a new glory period for Real Madrid, just as Cristiano Ronaldo did in the previous decade.

Hopefully, Madridistas, at long last, will get to bask in the “Here we go”. But it all comes down to PSG and if they are going to do what is customary and grant Mbappe his wish. Being stubborn for 160 million euros would be quite the power move. It may be one they regret, even if it is not for a financial reason.


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