Roy Keane’s assessment on 14 Man Utd stars from Cristiano Ronaldo to Paul Pogba


To say it has been an eventful season so far at Manchester United would be an understatement.

From the euphoria surrounding the sensational deadline day return of Cristiano Ronaldo to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer no longer finding himself at the wheel, it’s been quite the ride.

Humiliation at the hands of fierce rivals Liverpool and Manchester City were the lowest points in a topsy-turvy season so far which has also seen Ronaldo rescuing United with a number of dramatic late goals.

The Red Devils have constantly hogged the headlines in recent months with several of their former players turned pundits speaking up, but perhaps the most vocal of all has been that of United’s often-outspoken ex-captain Roy Keane.




The football hardman hasn’t held back as he’s blasted the squad on countless occasions for invariably failing to show the same passionate and aggression that he did back in the day.

From Cristiano Ronaldo to Paul Pogba, Mirror Football takes a look back over the often scathing assessments Keane has offered up on United’s stars in recent years.

What has been Roy Keane’s most iconic Manchester United rant so far this season? Let us know in the comments below!

De Gea against Manchester City (November 2021)

David de Gea let in a howler against Manchester City

“Just on half time, a huge goal against City dominating possession but this defending from Shaw and De Gea, there’s not enough pressure.

“You have to show intensity and put pressure on. You’re on the ropes to stay in the game. You’re like a boxer – stay in the game!

“I’ve been crossing these fellas for years – I give up. I give up on these players. These are international players, I give up. I can’t understand the defending. I give up.

“I drove up thinking United have a chance, but unless they do something drastic it will be another four or five.”

On Shaw and Maguire (October 2021)

Luke Shaw addressed the media after United’s 5-0 hammering to fierce rivals Liverpool


Stadium Astro)

“But individual performances… Maguire and Shaw last week, they were a disgrace. An absolute disgrace to the club. And these are established international footballers.

“I heard Maguire talking during the week. He was like a robot. He was like, ‘Apologies to the fans…’ There was no emotion behind it.

“And these guys are on the back of good European Championships for England. They have turned up before for big matches. But recently… and Shaw has fallen back into his old habits a few years ago.

“I’m fed up with his chat after games with people apologising. Harry Maguire talking about ‘we need to come together as a group’. No, you need to sort your game out.

“If you’re going to be the leader of that group then you need to get the basics right. You need to do your own job.”

On Maguire’s response to his critics (November 2021)

Harry Maguire celebrated an England goal by cupping his ears in response to recent criticism


Clive Rose/Getty Images)

“Maguire puts his hands to his ears like he’s shutting his critics up… it’s embarrassing.

“He’s been a disgrace last few months for Manchester United, he scores and he thinks he’s going to shut his critics up, it’s embarrassing.”

On Wan-Bissaka after the Liverpool loss (October 2021)

Keane slammed Wan-Bissaka and believes he isn’t good enough for United



“Wan-Bissaka – I don’t even think Palace would take him back now. He’s not good enough for Manchester United.

“No feel for the ball. No decision making.

“What Manchester United have always had over the years, no matter talented players, is players with character and personalities. I don’t see it with this group.”

Pogba’s lack of leadership (May 2021)

Paul Pogba has been accused by Keane of not being a leader

“Again, I look back and think Man United should be competing in the Champions League, but I still don’t think Pogba will drive Man United back to winning championships.

“I don’t think he’s a big leader, I don’t think he’s that type of character.

“He’s done better the last few games and obviously he did well during the week against Roma – although I thought the standard of that game was really poor.

“I still think Man United need to go out and get two world-class players and of course it’s easier said than done.”

On the midfield of Fred, McTominay and Matic (August 2021)

Fred in particular has been on the receiving end of some brutal criticism from Keane


Getty Images)

“I don’t want to mention Fred again because I seem to be on his case all the time.

“I think if you want to play for a big team in midfield you’ve got to hang your hat on something to say well, ‘you’re brilliant at going forward, or brilliant defensively or he’s got a goal in him’ – I don’t see any of them in Fred.

“I think Scott McTominay has got a chance of being a player, Matic… would any of these players get in the Man City team or Liverpool? Or Chelsea? I don’t see it.”

On Rashford and Greenwood’s England issues (November 2021)

Keane believes there’s something amiss with Rashford and Greenwood


Action Images via Reuters)

“I know they’ve had injuries, I understand that, but we know their quality and when Gareth is asked about them he says ‘yeah I spoke to Marcus…’ It seems like a big conversation.

“It’s as if there’s something going wrong, there’s something amiss with some of these United lads.

“They’re young and hungry but a change of scenery will probably do them the world of good, there’s negativity around United at the moment with the bad results.

“There’s this idea that they need to save their club and do something about it on the training pitch there.”

Lingard’s move not materialising (September 2021)

Jesse Lingard has struggled for minutes at United this season after choosing to stay at Old Trafford


Manchester United via Getty Images))

“I don’t think Lingard is going to get Man Utd challenging for titles.

“Jesse has done well at West Ham and maybe they’re a good fit for him. But if you’re asking me do I think Lingard will get Man Utd winning titles, the answer is no.

“That’s the exact words I would use – no man’s land.

“It’s been difficult, you thought he’d get a move. But he’s got to get his head down at Man United.”

Fernandes’ failures against City last season (January 2021)

Keane believes Fernandes must turn up in every big game to help United win trophies


Action Images via Reuters)

“It’s not easy. Not easy winning football trophies.

“You know Fernandes has had great praise and over the past few months, people have been comparing him to Eric Cantona etc. but Fernandes didn’t really do much tonight.

“The top players turn up on the big occasions. That’s what Cantona used to do, [they] get their hands-on trophies. And that’s where this team is a little bit short.

“They probably need to have one or two more players come into the squad no doubt and the mentality, maybe they need the confidence of winning a semi-final to get them over the line. Then you get momentum.”

On Sancho’s slow start (October 2021)

United should be patient with Jadon Sancho and give him a chance according to Keane


Getty Images)

“It’s certainly been a slow start for him, it’s well and good doing well at Dortmund but it’s a different animal going to Man United, big expectations.

“He’s maybe been overshadowed slightly with Ronaldo coming in but I’d always give the kid a chance, he’s been there a few months, nice opportunity for him tonight but give him a chance.”

His Ronaldo rant before clashing with Carragher (November 2021)

Keane was livid when caretaker manager Michael Carrick left Ronaldo on the bench for United’s clash with Chelsea

“Ronaldo has not come back to Manchester United to sit on the bench.

“His stats since he came back to the club are ok – he has got some goals and some assists.

“This idea that he is going to start closing people down? He’s not.

“He’s a world class player, the idea Ronaldo will close people down he’s not. But sometimes you have to work around the superstar.

“I’ve played with players who don’t do the bit you hope – the Cantonas of this world – but you forgive them because they score the winning goals in tight matches.”

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