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Rudeboy Alleged to Have Impregnated Anita Okoye’s Maid – Alleged Reason for Divorce


Nigerian blogs have already started throwing allegations around about why Anita Okoye is divorcing Rudeboy and the stories are serious.

One blog alleges that Rudeboy – allegedly – impregnated a house help working in their house!

This is more than a script from a Nollywood movie!

The news is already moving like wildfire across the Nigerian social media space.

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There are few details on this alleged infidelity from Rudeboy other than the narration by the blog peddling the rumour.

They wrote: “Rumour mill is agog that Paul Okoye (Rude Boy) impregnated Anita’s housemaid as the main reason for the collapse of the marriage.

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“Critics opined that when a maid takes care of a man, makes his food, cleans his shoes, his home etc; wife duties has already been delegated to her. Do you agree?”

Anita Okoye and Rudeboy have been separated a while now as she’s in the U.S and he works all over the world.

Since there is no information on when this alleged impregnation happened, we can’t tell if Anita Okoye was in the house with them at the time or she had left and the househelp was the only one taking care of Rudeboy.

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Either way, these are the rumours Nigerians are reading right now regards the divorce – wild, huh?

We live to see if more details would come out or the parties in the divorce wold come out to deny this allegation.


Anita Okoye has filed for divorce from Paul Okoye after 7 years of marriage.

She is famously requesting for $15,000 monthly as spousal support in their divorce battle.

Anita is currently in the U.S with the couple’s three kids.

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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