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Silence in Paris, Argentina delights the World

Argentina was on the front foot, whether or not they got the ball, they’ve been so aggressive.

The second half has been a bit of a non-event so far, because Argentina is holding France’s forehead at arm’s length, watching them flail tame punches.

The French side has been very sluggish, Kylian Mbappe has been a total passenger and has not had a good kick at the ball, ‘France not functioning’

Incredible scenes here in Lusail Stadium, France is back from the dead! They were done. Dusted. Their World Cup grip is over, but in a flash, they have leveled this up

What a clinical finish, Kylian Mbappe’s volley is superb. It flies off his boot and finds the bottom corner to shock Argentina. Forget that, they’ve shocked the world

Lightning struck twice for Argentina. The Dutch did this to them earlier in the tournament. Now France comes back from 2-0 down late on to restore parity.

The joy and anguish the equalizer brought.

Well, they were out of it, they were finished but when you have got world-class talent in your team, you have always got a chance. That is sensational. A finish to die for. It was Messi who lost the ball. What a finish from Mbappe, pure and struck with quality. The gamble has paid off.

Mbappe has been ice-cold throughout and steps up again, firing just out of Martinez’s reach.

The South American fans had already won the tournament before this final kick-off and now their team joined them.

The weight of expectation must have been enormous but it is another fine penalty and Argentina won this incredible, dramatic final.

One of the greatest moments in footballing history. France and Mbappe did everything they could. He has got a World Cup hat trick and he will come again. He is too good not to.

The title holders could not retain their glory, the Argentines are roaring.

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