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Sister Derby Swims Pantless With Her White Friend In A Public Beach In Spain (WATCH)


You could recall that Sister Derby shared some photos of herself at the sane resort having fun to mark her 37th birthday a few days ago.

She has shared another video of her adventures as she is seen in a company of a white friend at the beach. They could be seen swimming pantless with onlookers at the beach having their gazes at them.

The white friend was stark naked in the water with no bra but Sister Derby had a bra on but with no pant as they swam.

Meanwhile, Ghanaian content creators on OnlyFans can heave in sighs of relief after the company made a U-turn on its decision to ban Pono Videos.

Sister Derby is an avid user of the app and she makes some cool money off the platform. She charges $20.00 per monthly subscription and her nude content draws fans to patronize her.

Founded in 2016, the London-based private company exploded in popularity as a hub for content creators and celebrities to showcase their work to more than 150 million registered users, according to its website. It’s also been recognized as a haven for sex workers, who have been able to post and get paid in a safe manner.

The company had recently tried to separate itself from the more sexually explicit content posted to the site but following the backlash from creators, they rescinded their decision.

The company said it planned to send an official communication of the decision to the more than 1.5 million content creators on the site and it has 130 million users and 2 million creators who have collectively earned $5 billion.


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