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So Irresponsible’- Actress Halima Abubakar Chides Shade Lapido For Saying There’s No Shame In How Many Men A Woman Has Slept With

A few hours ago, Shade Ladipo urged her fellow ladies not to feel ashamed about their amorous affairs with men. Shade Ladipo posited that there is no shame in how many men a woman has slept with as she claimed se.x shaming especially when done to women is older than methuselah.

According to her, it is se,x the woman had and it is not as if she killed the man like in the case of the UNILAG student who stabbed the CEO of Super TV, Michael Ataga.

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Reacting to her post, Halima Abubakar who completely disagrees with her standpoint described her statement as irresponsible.

See her post below;

Here are thoughts from some social media users below;

@nancyofficial wrote;

It’s how there’s moral decadence in this society for me, no sense of responsibility because we go away with everything. How would u say no shame in how many persons u v had intercourse with? How? Nawa o

@b3rant wrote;

So we should shame women for how many men they sleep with. Halima you are not ok dear. You all let women be for goodness sake

@andyblayz wrote;

Funny how men can Fock a litany of girls and don’t get clowned or taunted for it! But a lady focks a few and gets clowned? She didn’t Fock herself , she focked with a man! Both should be shamed. Halima clearly didn’t understand shade! Shade didn’t say you should go and Fock everyone! She was referencing a situation where a girl and a guy focked and the guy would want to use it to clown the girl! Understanding is key!


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